a hotter roast

13th December 2021



Again, we stuck with the 70% bars with 10% cocoa butter to compare with the previous bars:


We tried a 140C roast this time in the hope that the flavours would change faster while roasting and we would get a better feel for when they were at their best. We tasted often and I think we got closer than last time to getting it right, but we definitely need more practice.

  • 24 minutes at 141C


We tried to keep the refining the same as the previous batch for comparison, but life got in the way of getting the sugar in at the right time.

  • 24.5 hours total
  • Sugar in the last 8.5 hours


We only had 3 days of maturation time for this batch as we wanted to get it finished before Christmas, so we tempered it earlier than we wanted to, but it went well.


The flavour this time is very similar to the last batch, but instead of releasing slowly as it melts, it comes at you all at once as soon as you start to eat it. The weird aftertaste from the last batch has gone, but the flavour is really very intense and a bit much.


We wondered whether using less cocoa butter would help with reducing the intensity of the flavour, so we’re going to try a batch with 5% instead of 10% next time.