About Bouche Chocolate



We're Ric and Kate, the people who make Bouche Chocolate.

Our chocolate adventure started in March 2021 when Ric wondered whether it was possible to make our own chocolate in our home kitchen. We didn't know anything about how chocolate was made, so we did a little online research and learnt enough to give it a try. We soon discovered that it's rather easy to make chocolate, even in a home kitchen, but it's quite challenging to make really good chocolate, especially in a home kitchen. We have had a lot of fun so far, learning about cocoa beans, production methods, machinery and equipment, and our journey is still just beginning.

Bouche Chocolate is made from bean to bar in very small batches, using ethically sourced cocoa beans grown for their fine flavour. We make each batch by hand in our home kitchen, experimenting and learning as we go. We also designed our own packaging which we make ourselves using environmentally friendly materials.

At the moment, our chocolate is only available to our friends and family who are enjoying being taste testers for us as we practice and learn. We do anticipate making chocolate for sale to the general public at some point in the future, so if you're interested in finding out when it'll be available, please follow our social media!

About Kate

Kate eats chocolate every day, often for breakfast. As a vegan, she's a dark chocolate lover. She's the one in charge of organising things for Bouche, writing most of the content for the website, and planning what kind of chocolate to make next. She's also the one most likely to be tasting the chocolate at every opportunity.

When she's not making or eating chocolate, she's probably reading. She's currently studying for a Masters in Conservation of Historic Buildings which takes up most of her time. She also collects tarot decks, old chocolate tins, and all sorts of other random things.

About Ric

Despite Kate being the chocoholic of the family, making chocolate from scratch was Ric's idea. He does most of the work when it comes to chocolate making, including the hand tempering. He's also in charge of quality control, because he's a perfectionist. If it's not right the first time, he'll do it again and again until it's perfect. Unless Kate eats it first...

When he's not making chocolate, he can be found at his computer building websites and computer games. In his free time he'll probably be playing games, drinking fancy whisky, and maybe even eating some chocolate.