The Coffee roaster

16th April 2022



We went back to the 10% cocoa butter for this batch, so we used:


For the first time, we roasted using a coffee roaster instead of our home oven. The difference was incredible, the temperature in the roaster is much more controlled, and the beans popped during the roast for the first time. We won't be roasting in the oven again after this!


I believe that the grinder ran for 24 hours but apparently I failed to write it down. I did however record that the sugar was added after 11 hours.


The chocolate matured for a fortnight this time as we were too busy to temper it sooner.


The coffee roaster made a significant difference to the flavour of the chocolate, this time the flavour was even, smooth and delicious without any weird aftertaste and without being too intense like the previous batches. We were really happy with it.


We're looking forward to making another batch to see if we can get it just as spot on again.