A Consistent Roast

18th June 2022



We did a 70% bar with 10% cocoa butter for this batch.


We roasted in the coffee roaster again using exactly the same parameters as our previous batch, to see how consistent the roast would be. In previous batches with our oven we had very different results following the same procedure, because the oven temperature varied so much. This time, we got virtually the same results from the roast as we did for batch 11.


The grinder ran for 24 hours, and we added the sugar 16 hours into the grind.


The chocolate matured for six days before we tempered it, and for the first time in a while, the tempering and moulding process went very smoothly.


The bars tasted practically the same as the previous batch, which is just what we had hoped for.


Now that we know we can get a consistent roast from the coffee roaster across batches, we can work on getting the perfect roasting parameters for each bean that we try, and develop recipes that bring out the best in the beans. This will be a huge improvement over previous attempts to get a good roast pinned down, and we're hoping our chocolate will get better and better now that we've got more suitable equipment.