Ready for Christmas

12th December 2022



As we needed this batch to be ready in time for Christmas gifts, we stuck with our usual 70% bar with 10% cocoa butter.

  • 829g cocoa nibs - togo kekeli 
  • 414g cane sugar
  • 138g cocoa butter


As we were pressed for time, we didn't experiment with the roast, and used the same parameters as the previous roast, hoping it would work well for these new beans.


I didn't record the length of time the chocolate was refining, but I did record that the sugar was added after 11 hours.


I didn't record how long we allowed this batch to mature.


We didn't have any of the previous batches to compare with this time, but we were pleased with the outcome, and our friends and family who recieved bars for Christmas gave us good feedback about the flavour and texture of the bars.


Most of this batch was given to others as Christmas gifts, so we didn't experiment with roasting times and the batch was processed according to time pressures to get everything made and sent out in time. We'd like to make more chocolate with more experimentation in future to see how we can fine tune the flavours and get the best out of the beans.