a single stage roast

31st May 2021



As we’re still experimenting with the roasting, we went for another 70% batch with 10% cocoa butter:

  • 749g cocoa nibs
  • 375g cane sugar
  • 125g cocoa butter


As the perforated oven trays made such a difference to the roast, we went for a single temperature roast this time. We decided to try a lower temperature to make sure we definitely didn’t burn the cocoa beans.

  • 35 minutes at 100C

We weren’t sure whether the cooler roast left the beans slightly underdone, but we wanted to be sure they didn’t burn.


We noted that the slightly longer grind in batch 3 resulted in a noticeably smoother texture, so we wanted to try a longer refining time for this batch.

  • 28 hours


This batch had a different flavour to the earlier batches, it was a little more complex and perhaps a bit fruitier. We thought it was our best batch yet.


The beans were difficult to crack and peel, perhaps because they were slightly under roasted. We will try a slightly higher temperature next time.