The Bars

Our experimentation with Cocoa bean origins and roasting profiles means that every batch is different and the bars we produce are varied. If you're lucky enough to have gotten your hands on one of our batches, you'll find a post all about how we developed it right here.

Batch 5 - A Disaster!

Sticking with 70% dark chocolate with 10% additional cocoa butter so that our batches are comparable, we used:...

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Batch 4 - A Single Stage Roast

As we’re still experimenting with the roasting, we went for another 70% batch with 10% cocoa butter:...

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Batch 3 - A Hotter Roast

Sticking with the 70% with 10% cocoa butter, so that the bars are comparable with the previous batches, we used:...

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Batch 2 - Improvements

We’re sticking with the 70% dark so that this batch is comparable to our first attempt, and sticking with the 10% cocoa butter. This is what we put in batch 2:...

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Batch 1 - Learning to Make Chocolate

We’re making a 70% dark bar for our first attempt, so after roasting and peeling the nibs, we weighed them out and added the remaining ingredients in the required ratio. We opted for adding 10% cocoa butter to make sure the chocolate would be easy to work with....

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